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Deter would-be thieves

Theft from gardens is not new, from the opportunist who takes an unguarded spade to a deliberate raid on a well-stocked shed. Theft from sheds happens whether they are locked or not, especially if the hinge is on the outside, where the screws can be taken out and the door li...Read More

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More questions you always wanted to ask about gardening

Why do gardeners use Latin names? Many years ago, plants were known by long, descriptive names that were different all over the country. Then the botanists got together and worked out that if a plant had a single name, they could all be sure they were talking about the same...Read More

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How not to fail at gardening

Honestly, there's a lot of myth and mystery spouted about gardening, but itís really not complicated. Yes, it gets quite scientific the further you go into it, but the basic wish is that you put a plant into the ground or pot and it grows. If this goes wrong, there are only ...Read More

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How to Pot Amaryllis

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