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Celebrate National BBQ Week

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With National BBQ Week next week (25th – 31st May) and weather forecasters predicting another hot bank holiday weekend, it's time to get the BBQ out again and enjoy some al fresco dining, away from the distraction of our screens. To help keep your BBQ clean over summer, and avoid endless scrubbing, cleaning experts Kärcher have created a simple guide[1] on how to deep clean your BBQ in just 10 minutes so that it’s ready and sparkling clean ahead of the national week.

Step 1 – Remove the grill and empty any left-over charcoal ash into a bin. Using an outdoor vacuum is an easy and tidy way to collect any remaining loose debris which leaves no mess behind and prevents your indoor vacuum from being damaged by these tough jobs.

Step 2 – Get your Kärcher pressure washer and choose the vario power spray lance. Set it to a medium setting and spray your BBQ down using a sweeping motion. This will remove ash and any sticky substances at the bottom.

Step 3 – Set up the grill against a wall and pressure wash, again with the lance on a medium setting. For any really stubborn debris you can turn it up to hard, to help give your BBQ a deep clean.

Step 4 – Put the BBQ back together and give it a final rinse. For the best results, rinse from the top down, ensuring water doesn’t get trapped in the bottom.

Pressure washers are also the perfect tool to get patios and decking clean and ready for summer. A quick blast will ensure that hard surfaces are free of any mould and dirt that has built up over the winter months. With Kärcher’s range of pressure washers, you can select the right setting for every cleaning task – from the gentle cleaning of wooden decking to adding a Dirt Blaster for built-up mould and grime.

It’s also worth trimming any longer areas of grass around the paving slabs where your BBQ is kept. This will really help to make an impact on how your outdoor area looks. The new cordless Hedge Trimmer and Grass and Shrub Shear range at Kärcher are part of its new ‘Battery Universe’ range, using one versatile, interchangeable 18v battery, meaning that products are portable and perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.

Additional cleaning hacks for keeping BBQs sparkling throughout summer:

Steam – You can use a household steam cleaner to remove any left-over food that’s stuck on the grill. This also helps to get rid of any bacteria sitting on the grill. Once complete, close the lid for half an hour while you steam clean the outside.

White vinegar – If you don’t have stainless steel cleaner, try using white vinegar. Use a left-over spray bottle and fill it with half white vinegar, half water. Spray it all over the grill, wait 5 minutes, then wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth. This also works great to get the outside of your BBQ shining.

Oil – Each time you use the BBQ, give it a good coating in sunflower oil before you start cooking as this will help prevent food from sticking to the surface. Once you’ve finished, rubbing in vegetable oil will prevent iron grills from going rusty.

Beer – leftover half bottle of beer? Pour it onto the grill while it’s still warm and tackle with a wire brush for sparkling results.

Coffee – soak any utensils in coffee for an hour and any cooked-on food should slide right off.

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