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Top 10 Lawn Mowers for Under £150 in 2020

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Spring is the time of year when everything in the garden bursts into life - especially the lawn. So if you need a new lawn mower this season then take a look at our Top 10 Lawn Mowers for 2020. We know that money can be a bit tight at the moment so every machine on this list is priced below 150. We have also made sure the every mower has at least a 4/5 rating from people who have already bought it.

Number 10: SWIFT 40V EB132C2 Cordless Digital Compact Lawn Mower

Guide Price: 140

About: 32CM deck is versatile and light weight. 30L full plastic grass catcher and 2-in-1 function: collecting box and mulching. Easy and secure individual wheel height adjustment ranging from 20MM - 60MM for the best cut in all enviroments. Advanced digital brushless motor. cuts up to 250m2 on a full charge. up to 34% of U.K. homes only need one charge to get the job done.

Rating on Amazon: 4.2/5

Number 9: Cobra HM381 Manual Garden Lawnmower

Guide Price: 60

About: 38cm (15in) 5 Bladed Cylinder Blade provides a clean cut finish to your lawn. Hand push power for the most environmental mowing. Simply adjust the height of cut from as low as 13mm to 38mm. 4 Stages are available. Ideal for closely cut lawns. The grass collector ensures most of the clippings are neatly caught, saving the bother of raking after mowing. The quick release catch makes emptying the bag fast and simple. Rear roller for stripes and mowing over border edges. The rollers provide the traditional striped affect to the lawn. 2 Year warranty included

Rating on Amazon: 5/5

Number 8: Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

Guide Price: 65

About: Designed for small gardens, the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 lawnmower uses a powerful 1400W electric motor with a cutting width of 25cm. The lawnmower is lightweight and floats on a cushion of air whilst cutting and mulching the grass. Lightweight, easily folds down for storage and can be wall-mounted.

Rating on Amazon: 4.3/5

Number 7: Einhell Universal Hand Mower GE HM 38 S 3414165

Guide Price: 100

About: Non-contact, quiet and economical cutting technology. Ball-bearing mower spindle with 5 high-quality steel blades Precision ground cutting blade made of high-quality steel. Quiet operation. "Golf grass suitable" cutting result

Rating on Amazon: 4.5/5

Number 6: Allied UK Tool Tronix Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 1000w Turbo Drive

Guide Price: 85

About: Laptronix unique Turbo Drive technology transforms the power of the motor into blade torque so as to maintain blade speed in all conditions and achieve the best finish and class-leading grass collection at all times. 30cm Steel blade: This 1000W Mower Features a Turbo Drive motor and a 30cm Steel blade with three cutting heights, great for cutting and collecting in all conditions. It features Air-Lift grass collection technology and the compact design makes it easy to carry and move around obstacles. 25 litre grass collection box collect the grass while leaving your lawn looking nice and clean. It also has separate front and rear spring loaded axle adjustment.

Rating on Amazon: 4.2/5

Number 5: Mountfield AMZ ME370 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, 1300W

Guide Price: 140

About: The Mountfield ME370 is a lightweight compact mower and very easy to operate. Fitted with a 37cm polypropylene rustproof chassis and complete with a 15 metre electric cable. The mower has 3 pre-set cutting heights from 25mm to 65mm and 40 litre grass collector. Supported by Service Link, an aftersales help and advice website, phone line and National service network of garden machinery repair specialists.

Rating: 4/5

Number 4: Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Guide Price: 90

About: 29 cm cutting width, ideal for use on small to medium gardens. Ergonomically designed for simple and easy use in your garden. Collects and compacts more grass for less emptying of the 20 L grassbox. Lightweight at only 8.8 kg allowing easy transportation and storage. Product Dimensions: 79.2 x 42.7 x 40.4 cm

Rating on Amazon: 4.3 /5

Number 3: WEBB H30 30cm Hand Mower

Guide Price: 65

About: Side wheels for longer grass. Tool free height of cut adjustment. Height of cut: 10mm - 40mm. 2 piece rear roller with Self adjusting cylinder adjustment. 18 Litre grass collection box

Rating on Amazon: 4.3/5

Number 2: Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Guide Price: 115

About: Designed for smaller gardens, the Flymo EasiMow 300R is a 30cm electric wheeled rotary lawnmower that is equipped with a powerful 1000W motor. Featuring a large easy to empty 30L grassbox, close-to-edge cutting deck, a rear roller to create stripe effect, and comfortable dual lever handles. Features:30cm Cuttiing Width, 20-60mm Cutting Height with 3 Spacers, Manual Cutting Height Adjust, 30L Grass Box Capacity, 10m Cable Length.

Rating on Amazon: 4.4/5

Number 1: Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Guide Price: 120

About: The Bosch Rotak 32 R is a lightweight and compact lawnmower with a 32 cm cutting width making it ideal for medium sized lawns up to 150 m and sup2; in size. It has a 1200 W and lsquo; Powerdrive and rsquo; motor that enables you to cut long grass with ease, as well as innovative grass combs, which allows the lawnmower to easily cut up to and over the edge of your lawn ensuring neat and tidy results. This product comes with a free 2 year guarantee. In order to extend the warranty from 2 to 3 years, please register your new tool with MyBosch. You can register your tool by visiting manufacturer's site MyBosch-Tools site within 28 days of purchase. Cable length 10m.

Rating on Amazon: 4.2/5

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