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Top 10 solar light ideas to brighten your garden

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Solar lights can be a great way of adding interest to your garden quickly and easily. Over the past few years, thanks to increased demand and improved manufacturing techniques, the number of solar light options has increased exponentially. Today, they offer many of the benefits of conventional lighting but at a much lower cost and with none of the worries about installation.

We've compiled a Top 10 of what we think are the most interesting garden lighting ideas on the market today. We hope there is something on there for your garden.

Number 10: Chasing Shadows

Guide Price: £15.99

We really liked the use of shadows in the design of these lights. If you have a nice stone patio, this would be a good way to show it off in the evening.

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Number 9: Vintage Wattage

Guide Price: £18.99

These made the list for their classic look. It's hard to think of many situations in a garden or on a patio where they would look out of place.

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Number 8: Re'light' My Fire

Guide Price: £19.99

We found the flame effect quite convincing on these compared to many of their competitors and they give a nice, subtle effect. We also like the fact that they allowed us to use this terrible pun

Click Here for more details

Number 7: Paws for Thought

Guide Price: £10.99

We all know a dog lover who would really like these in their garden. They are a bit of fun and we think kids will probably like them too.

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Number 6: The Light Ferntastic

Guide Price: £45.99

We thought these were a good idea for adding interest to a bare wall, especially if it is not well lit. We would have them next to a patio so you could enjoy them while dining al fresco.

Click Here for more details

Number 5: Bee Happy

Guide Price: £11.99

We thought these would be good for the summer months. They don't provide a huge amount of light but should be a good conversation piece when you have friends over for a BBQ.

Click Here for more details

Number 4: Light the Way

Guide Price: £16.99

We thought these would be good along the edge of a path or a driveway. Fitted correctly, they could give your home quite a 'premium' look without too much outlay.

Click Here for more details

Number 3: An Unusual Bunch

Guide Price: £18.99

We picked this one because it was so unusual and not like anything we had seen before. We would place them in with other plants so they are not obvious during the day but add interest after dark.

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Number 2: Blinded by the Light

Guide Price: £18.99

This one was an obvious choice from a security and safety standpoint. These lights offer a very easy way to deter thieves and to make poorly lit places feel much safer.

Click Here for more details

Number 1: Blowing Bubbles

Guide Price: £19.99

This one made the list because we thought it would be especially appealing to kids. The colours and the bubbles make them a real visual spectacle.

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