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Stop Your Lawn Being Destroyed by Hungry Birds & Animals

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Come Spring, magpies, crows, badgers and foxes begin their “truffle hunt” for one of their favourite foods – Chafer Grubs. Apply beneficial nematodes in late summer to prevent them ploughing up your prized lawn in their springtime search.

The larvae are a few inches below the surface of the lawn and the animals and birds can sense their presence and will scrape and dig in an almost frenzied search.

To stop this febrile and damaging activity, treat lawns with Nemasys Biological Garden Chafer Grub Killer, releasing millions of microscopic, worm-like nematodes that will penetrate the soil, seek out the Chafer Grubs and kill them.

Nematodes occur naturally in soil and BASF breeds specific types – there are literally millions of different ones around the world – that each seek out and kill very specific prey. Heterohabditis bacteriophora is the nematode that deals with Chafer Grubs.

The marauding animals and birds that prey on Chafer Grubs, quickly detect the lack of activity and move off, seeking alternative food sources.

Nematodes are easily applied. They arrive in the form of a fibrous paste, which you then disperse in water (following mixing guidelines). The watery mix can then be applied via a watering can with a coarse rose for a small lawn or with a hose-end feeder for larger lawns. Treatment should start in late August and continue periodically through until the end of October.

Once the Chafer Grub population has been reduced by the nematodes, the large amount of nematodes applied will die back to their original numbers found naturally in the soil.

BASF has the largest specialist nematode growing facility in the world – and the only one in Britain – growing trillions of beneficial nematodes for use in their Nemasys range of pest control products.

Click Here to explore the Nemasys range.

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