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20 garden trends for 2020

Sustainability and creating multi-use spaces are two of the biggest gardening trends for the new decade. The experts at BillyOh.com have researched the 20 trends for 2020 with greener gardens, arty designs and clever use of space all appearing in the list.

Sustainability is key with conserving water, eco-planting, composting and creating a wildlife and bug friendly space all making an appearance. Other trends like low maintenance spaces, growing fruit and vegetables and using the garden as an extension to the home are expected to stay popular with homeowners during 2020.

A spokesperson from BillyOh.com said: “It’s great to see eco-gardening coming to the fore in 2020. For a lot of gardeners that’s always been a massive consideration when designing their space, selecting the right planting and finding the best ways to look after the garden.

“Combining that together so you have a sustainable space, are attracting bees, bugs and wildlife, growing your own and at the same time composting and conserving water is a great way to start the new decade.”

1. Planting choices
Plants with an eco-message will be big in 2020. Look for bee friendly varieties which encourage pollination and plants which attract bugs.

2. Sustainability
Aim to reduce the amount of plastic you’re using in the garden, look for biodegradable pots and go for metal items ahead of plastic.

3. Composting
Throw vegetable peelings in a compost bin alongside garden rubbish. You’re creating less waste and once broken down, will be putting nutrients back into the soil.

4. Wildlife friendly
The new decade is all about being mindful of wildlife and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Leaving the grass to grow a little longer and keeping a few weeds in will both help.

5. Grow your own
Veganism will be big in 2020 so turn part of your garden into a veggie plot. Try growing tasty leafy vegetables like kale and spinach.

6. Mini allotment
If you don’t have the room for lots of vegetable growing, have a go with some patio fruit trees or growing tomatoes in hanging baskets.

7. Dark colours
Dark colours really pop in the garden and create a talking point. Dot a few around your space to see the impact they have.

8. Twinning
Creating symmetry in the garden adds charm and appeal and will be big in 2020. Try twinning plants on either side of a door or gate.

9. Upcycling
Repurposing is a must in the new decade. Turn old wellies, wheelbarrows and sinks into unique garden planters.

10. Wellbeing
The sound of water is relaxing, refreshing and restorative. A beautiful water feature will be good for your wellbeing.

11. Low maintenance
Opting for a low maintenance garden has been a key trend for years and shows no sign of going away. Carefully planted shrubs and colourful foliage create a beautiful space with little work.

12. Sensory spaces
Look for plants that do more than just look good. Think about how they smell and feel too.

13. Conserve water
Install a water butt in the garden to collect your own rainwater and think about laying mulch and ground cover to improve soil retention.

14. Native plants
Research and use plants that will grow naturally in your area based on the soil type and environmental factors.

15. Multi-function gardens
Gardens are more than just a place for plants. In 2020 expect to see the outdoor space become even more multi-functional as an outdoor kitchen, dining area and somewhere to relax.

16. Home office
If you work from home, then the garden is the perfect space for a home office and will help separate home and work life.

17. Fence factor
Accessorise your fence with planting. Training climbers into artistic shapes will create a great focal point.

18. Arty lawns
Stripes are in for 2020 as are any other patterns you can create on the lawn.

19. Outdoor kitchens
Think about installing an outdoor kitchen – not just a BBQ. This is a full-on kitchen with all the appliances to go with it. Perfect if you fancy cooking al fresco.

20. Carpeted walls
If you have a city garden, try turning a wall into a carpet of plants. It’ll create a stunning focal point and is a good use of space.

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This story was published on: 10/01/2020

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