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Summer is very nearly upon us and the weather seems to have finally turned the corner (fingers crossed). So this week we wanted to think 'inside the box' with container gardening. Self Watering Containers IN warm, dry weather it can be quite a task to keep up with watering all your containers, so any pots or troughs that help with the job have to be an advantage. A reservoir in the base that holds extra water is ideal, especially if it also has a water level indicator to tell you when it is getting low. The water in the base is there for the plants to draw up as they need it, so that will vary with the weather conditions. It also means that the plants can cope if you miss a watering or are away for a few days. Below are the containers we featured in the paper as well as some of the other ones that are on the market. Winter Containers

don't have to be restricted to Spring and Summer. Have a look at out video on making a container to give your garden winter interest. How to make a Winter Container

Hanging Baskets Containers are a great option, but only if you have the space for them. A great alternative is to use hanging baskets which give the growing space but without the footprint. We featured plastic hanging baskets a couple of weeks ago on the page because they are a really easy solution. No more messing about with moss and rusty metal frames. Here are the ones we featured in the paper:

Final thought... There are loads of containers out there and you'll find something to fit pretty much every garden. Just be careful about buying metal ones as they can heat up in the sun and cook your plants. That's one BBQ you don't want this summer.

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This story was published on: 09/06/2013

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