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There is an 'app for that' for just about everything these days and gardening advice is no exception. The past few years have seen a rash of gardening apps that offer (by which we really mean sell) gardening advice and answers to questions directly to your phone or tablet. While their main selling point is convenience, in many cases they are making you subscribe to a service that you actually donít need to pay for.

Here are our Top Five ways of getting good quality gardening advice for free, or at least, very cheaply:

Number 5: Write In

There are still a number of publications, including ĎThe Sun' newspaper, which let you write or e-mail them with your gardening questions. There is no charge and you get your question answered by a qualified gardening expert. You can include pictures and, if you ask by post, you can even include samples of the plant. Newspapers and magazines do this because they can then print the questions and answers as up-to-date content that is useful to everybody else with the same problem.

Number 4: Phone In

Tune in to your local BBC radio station on a Sunday morning and you are likely to come across a gardening programme. You can phone in with your gardening question and an expert will answer it live on air for you. You can also email or text in if you donít feel like talking on the radio. If you are a licence fee payer, this is a service you should really make use of.

Number 3: Go Clubbing

If you join a local gardening club you will have plenty of opportunity to get advice. While you will have to pay a yearly membership you will get access to monthly talks from gardening experts, virtually all of whom offer a question and answer session at the end. You can also talk to other club members, and because they are local, they will have the same growing conditions you do.

Number 2: Google it

There is a lot of gardening help available online so try typing your question into Google. Not only might it be answered on a large site like the RHS or Gardenersí World, it might also be available through one of the many forums or message boards on the internet. Sites like Reddit and Quora have a very large gardening community. If you can't find anything, then you can post your gardening question and someone will reply. Just be careful though, if you donít use a trusted source, you cannot always guarantee the accuracy of what you are being told.

Number 1:

Well, whatís a good article without a bit of shameless self-promotion at the end? But seriously, Sun Gardening offers a huge database of frequently asked gardening questions. Just type in your question and we do the rest. We also offer plant diagnostic tools to help you work out what is going wrong with your plant and we have loads of step-by-step projects to give you help with your garden throughout the year.

Everything on our site is absolutely free; you donít even need to sign up. Although, if you felt like clicking on an advert on your way out, we would be appreciate it.

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This story was published on: 20/09/2019

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