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Spring Cheer

The best thing about the end of winter is the burst of spring colour. Trees get their fresh new leaves, early-flowering shrubs suddenly come alive and the bulbs that lie hidden for so much of the year put on their stunning performance.

Bulbs and corms are the unsung heroes of the spring garden and are useful in places where other plants would struggle, such as beneath large trees where the soil is dry all summer. As long as the tree loses itís leaves in autumn, there is enough light and moisture for the early bulbs to flower. They will be dying back down by the time the leaf cover overhead cuts out the light.

Using a wide variety of species, from the earliest snowdrops and aconites to crocus, Narcissus, hyacinths, Muscari and tulips you can have an extended period of colour flowing from one into another. Bulbs grown in pots can be relocated into the garden once the foliage has begun to die down.

This year we are unable to appreciate the many bulb gardens around the world, like the beautiful Keukenhof Garden near Amsterdam (Below), but we can enjoy the bulbs in our own gardens all the more and perhaps plan to increase the display for next year.

Below: A selection of spring flowers including Tulips, Snowdrops, Fritillaria and Iris

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This story was published on: 04/04/2020

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