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Sustainable Packaging for Bare Root Roses

As part of the leading rose breeder's ongoing commitment to reducing its plastic consumption and impact on the environment, David Austin Roses is pleased to announce that its range of bare root roses now comes in plastic-free packaging.

Without the need for a pot, these dormant plants have until now been packaged in an inner carrier made of plastic, accompanied by paperwork protected in a separate plastic covering. Designed to lock in vital natural moisture and prevent dehydration during delivery and storage, these carriers provide vital protection in transit:

“Removing these carriers in their entirety wasn’t an option but we knew a plastic-free solution was out there. We wanted something that was recyclable at the very least but had to keep our plants safe and hydrated till planted. After extensive research we were able to come up with a carrier made from potato starch, which is 100% biodegradable and perfect for the compost heap or the food waste bin. We’ve also refreshed the design of the outer brown bag, giving it a new look while keeping it fully recyclable,” explains Richard Austin, Head of Marketing.

Gardening enthusiasts will already know the many benefits of these eco-friendly beauties: great for mass planting, they are physically lighter to handle, easier to store and can prove a cost-effective way to overhaul any garden. From the simplicity of planting three bare root roses of the same variety together to craft a larger rose bush, to a complete border transformation by mass planting in one colour to create a modern colour-block effect, bare roots offer an even more sustainable way to create high visual and sensory impact in any outdoor space.

Richard adds: “For those who love being outdoors come rain or shine, there’s something particularly special about planting bare roots; though their wiry stems are arguably less than attractive at first, there’s an added sense of anticipation in seeing the fruits of your autumn or winter labours the following summer – a feeling not dissimilar to breeding a new rose. Knowing that your beautiful roses have made as little impact on the environment as possible, to my mind, makes bare root planting an even more sustainable way to transform gardens and outdoor spaces summer after summer.”

All David Austin rose varieties are available in bare root and can be ordered year-round for delivery between November and April.

For more information, visit https://www.davidaustinroses.co.uk/delivery-type/bare-root

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This story was published on: 22/11/2019

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