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Showing how it's done

Every year, up and down the country, keen gardeners compete to produce the biggest, best, heaviest or longest from spring through until the autumn. Never mind the design-based spectacle that is the...

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Showing how it

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Breeding success

Breeding success
As you browse through the seed catalogues this year, or look at the stan...

Productive ideas

Productive ideas
Growing fruit is always a seductive idea in summer when you gaze upon th...

Lavender shortbread biscuits

Lavender shortbread biscuits
You will need:
175g butter
2 tbsp lavender flowers
100g ca...

Seed dormancy and how to overcome it

Seed dormancy and how to overcome it

Seed dormancy

A seed is said to be dormant when it is unable t...

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Treating white fly and red spider mite

Sun Gardening has an ever expanding video library. Explore our selection of how-to videos for help with your garden.

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Science and Technology

Green Station

This summer, passengers travelling through the railway station of Angers Saint-Laud in Western France can admire an installation of trees suspended from the ceiling of the station and positioned on ...

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Green Station

Pests and Diseases

USDA invests $7.6M for research on pests

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced 21 grants totaling $7.6 million for research to help manage pests and beneficial species...

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USDA invests $7.6M for research on pests

How to garden: August projects

How to garden: Taking softwood cuttings

Taking softwood cuttings
Difficulty: 3 / 5
You'll need: Secateurs, rooting hormone powder, pot, compost, cover

How to garden: Heat Protection

Heat Protection
Difficulty: 1 / 5
You'll need: Newspaper, Shading Paint, Brush, Watering Can, Horticultural Fleece or Netting

How to garden: Holiday Watering

Holiday Watering
Difficulty: 1 / 5
You'll need: Tray, Plastic Bag, Watering Can, Spade

How to garden: Protection against birds

Protection against birds
Difficulty: 1 / 5
You'll need: Netting, Pop-up Cover, Chicken Wire, CDs

School Gardening

40 Sunbury Road

The industry exhibit '40 Sunbury Road' has achieved a Silver Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and one of the featured new plants Dwarf Mulberry Charlotte Russe from Suttons has taken the title of ...

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40 Sunbury Road

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