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All year round British-grown salad leaves

British-grown salad leaves will be sold 365 days a year with crops being grown in vast greenhouses under LED lights.

The technology means families who want salad in the depths of winter will no longer have to rely on imports from Spain or even the US.

Crops are being grown in a 1.5 hectare glasshouse at Evesham in Worcestershire, which runs efficient LED lighting, heating and watering.

Procurement manager at Wingland Foods, Rob Stevens, said: ‘Our expert team are working on expanding the range of leaves available and bringing in new varieties of leaf, as well as ensuring the consistency in flavour, texture and size that is delivered to customers.’

Head of fresh produce at Waitrose, Nicola Waller, said: ‘It’s great to see the first of our British salad bags hitting the shelves so early in the season.

‘Developing this innovative new way of growing salad leaves means that we can source from the UK all year round, going even further in our commitment to British farming.’

It comes after an appalling run of weather in Spain, including drought, floods and snow, ruined crops this winter. As a result, British stores were forced to ration sales of lettuces, broccoli, courgettes, aubergines and cabbage.


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