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Bursary for young gardeners in Norfolk

The Norfolk Plant Heritage group is offering its annual bursary of £500, to assist with a primary school gardening project.

Any Norfolk state funded primary school which is either actively engaged in gardening with pupils, or intends to make a start, may apply. Applicants who have applied in previous years and been unsuccessful are very welcome to submit a fresh application.

The £500 bursary must primarily be used to purchase equipment, plants, seeds or other materials directly related to pupilsí gardening experience and cannot be used to recoup money already spent on gardening projects.

To apply, please submit no more than 250 words explaining the scope of the project and stating how pupils would benefit. You should be specific in your aims and state what you wish to use the money for. For any individual items costing over £50, quotations must be attached. Additionally, you should also include any existing school curriculum statements which underline the schoolís commitment to outdoor education, and explain how this award would consolidate and extend existing projects.

Your application statement should be submitted on school headed paper and be countersigned by the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors. It should then be emailed to Alison Findlay, RHS Community Outreach Advisor at schoolgardeningeast@rhs.org.uk by Friday 10 November 2017.

The successful school should be prepared to provide a short evaluation of the project after a year.

The Norfolk Plant Heritage bursary was set up to commemorate Norfolk Head Teacher Jan Paulger and her achievements in gardening education.

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