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Winter Greenhouse Gardening Tips

One of the most wonderful benefits of owning a Glasshouse or Greenhouse is the ability to extend the growing season – even in winter. A Glasshouse also provides an invaluable tool for the propagation of seeds and cuttings and the over-wintering of tender plants. Herita...Read More

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The Newt in Somerset to Sponsor RHS Chelsea Flower Show

On Thursday, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) announced that The Newt in Somerset will be the new headline sponsor of the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the Charity Gala Preview for the next four years, starting when the event returns in May 2022. The Newt ...Read More

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National Alpine Show Saturday 9 Oct at RHS Harlow Carr

RHS Garden Harlow Carr is famed for its alpines, with a vast collection offering colour and texture in the Alpine House all year round. At this year's National Alpine Show, the seventh held at the 58-acre garden, visitors can discover an array of finely grown alpine plan...Read More

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Win a complete Peckish bird food collection worth over £250. Codeword: peckish1


Win Seeds and a Garantia Raised Bed


Win Miracle-Gro Autumn & Spring Lawn Food


Win a Garantia Urban Balcony Raised Bed


Win a Tree & Hedge Planting Package (Pack of 100)


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Gardening Projects for October

Learn about How to plant through weed-suppressing membrane
Learn about  How to lift Dahlias
How to lift Dahlias

Difficulty: 2 / 5

Learn about How to clean your pots
Learn about How to: New orchids from old
How to clean your pots

Difficulty: 1 / 5

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Top 50 Best Bad Gardening Jokes
Top 50 Best Bad Gardening Jokes

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