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Grow from Home with Elho

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Growing fruit and vegetables at home has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the combination of food shortages due to COVID-19 last year, the rise in consumer consciousness and the growing appreciation for fresh food, many people now favour home-grown goodness!

Sustainable plant pot manufacturer, elho, is passionate about helping people introduce nature into their homes, whether its flowers, plants or fruit and vegetables. The company has a range of solutions to make cultivating harvests at home simple, easy and enjoyable. There are growing solutions to accommodate any space, big or small – giving everyone the opportunity to nurture their love for fresh produce.

Tomatoes and potatoes galore!

For those new to growing their own food, the elho tomato and potato pots provide a practical and convenient way to begin the home-grown journey, whether they are growing in a large garden or on a patio or balcony. The green basics tomato pot comes with a built-in rack so tomato plants can climb higher. The added water reservoir also ensures that the growing fruit remains healthy and thriving – creating an efficient system that makes caring for tomato plants easy.

The green basics potato pot offers a similar style to the tomato pot, but it also provides gardeners with an easy way to keep track of how root vegetables are growing thanks to its clever design featuring a basic pot fitted within the outer pot. Once the seed potatoes have been planted and they have started to grow, simply lift up the inner pot to see the vegetables develop! The pots lightweight design also means it is easy to lift, making it perfect for children to get involved and learn more about the origins of food throughout the growing journey!

An urban edible paradise

For city dwellers and those with smaller exterior spaces, the elho green basics veggie wall offers an all-in-one growing solution, allowing a flurry of plants to be grown at once. With the addition of a 125cm trellis, the veggie wall optimises vertical growth, offering support and height to taller, climbing plants such as beans and peas.

The pot is also equipped with a 10-litre water reservoir, so plants can continue to flourish even in the depths of summer. Its thin, rectangular design also makes it an ideal pot to have adorned in smaller outdoor spaces, such as balconies or terraces due to its space-effective design.

No space is too small to grow!

For an all-round home-growing adventure, the elho green basics growing tables are perfect for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables – providing a portable growing garden of organic goodness. The design of the table is also at an ideal height for both adults and children to take part in harvesting their own fruits and vegetables.

Gardeners can be sure that their plants get just the right amount of water in the grow table as the hollow legs have small holes at the bottom which allows excess water to be drained. With two sizes to choose from – 75cm and 77cm – growing enthusiasts can choose the grow table most suitable for their space. They are available in living black, leaf green and lime green – to allow green-fingered enthusiasts to inject style and distinctive colour to their plots.

The green basics grow house is also available to protect growing fruit and vegetables from birds, pests and even the harsh sunlight, helping them prosper and grow even faster!

As with all elho products, they are 100% recyclable and are made with 80% recycled plastic, employing sustainability and innovative design to create truly beautiful products.

Growing food at home provides families with fresh organic food and with elho’s practical and simple growing solutions, it’s never been easier or more enjoyable.

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