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Freedom Day

On Monday 19th July the rules about social distancing, gatherings and mask wearing will be relaxed in England. The biggest single change, and arguably the most controversial, is that it will no longer be mandatory to cover your mouth and nose when you enter an enclosed area.

However, despite removing the legal requirements, the Government is still 'expecting' people to maintain social distance and wear masks. Businesses have been advised that they can set their own rules and several well known shops have already said that they will still insist that people will wear masks when entering their premises.

So, as of Monday, both businesses and customers are going to have to rely on their own judgement and what they feel is acceptable and appropriate. Unfortunately, this is likely to cause some fiction in the retail and hospitality industries over the first few days.

We'd like to ask that everyone make an effort to be considerate next week. No matter what you think of social distancing or mask wearing (for or against), it's not fair to take it out on the staff in your local garden centre.

Garden centres and the wider horticultural industry have been hit incredibly hard over the past 18 months and countless people have worked tirelessly to keep their businesses afloat during an unprecedented period.

So, please go out and support your local garden centres and nurseries, just remember that they are going through this too!

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This story was published on: 16/07/2021

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