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Monstera Mansion

The houseplants are taking over at RHS Garden Wisley in a display designed to make visitors think about where they can put plants in their own homes. Monstera (Swiss cheese plant) Mansion has been invaded by happy houseplants who live in every nook and cranny. They play chess with cacti, love the living room, bedeck the bedroom, breathe life into the bathroom and sit in the sink.

The plants have definitely taken over the dining room, where they spill from chairs and cupboards and dominate the dining table. They wind their way upstairs and hide in the clock. The bathroom, with a seriously powerful shower, is the ideal spot for all those moisture-loving ferns and any plant with thin, filmy leaves. Dark leaves love dark corners, so Clivia fills the fireplace with fiery flowers and the Bromeliads have taken to the drier spots in the bedroom, spilling from the chest at the end of the bed.

This is a great display with a purpose: letting visitors know that there is a plant for virtually every spot in the house and all it takes is a pinch of research and a spoonful of imagination to fill your home with life and colour.

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This story was published on: 31/01/2020

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