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Name The New Gaillardia Competition

The Burpee Europe team have been having an exciting time at their trial grounds in the Netherlands growing new varieties of veg, fruit and flowers, many of which will be available to their customers from next year.

A flower of such golden, joy-inspiring, magnitude has so grabbed the imagination of this intrepid group of Burpee bloom loving breeders, that they thought the public would like to get creative in deciding a name for it.

This stunning new Gaillardia has been bred by Burpee Europe for its ornamental garden performance in borders and cut flower qualities, and it needs to get christened! Burpee is asking the general public if they have what it takes to get creative and think of a name for this lovely golden bloom. If so, those entering should email Burpee Europe's PR lady Fran at

The deadline for the competition is October 1st 2022. The winner will receive seeds of this new flower variety, as well as a selection of seeds of other Burpee Europe varieties and the chance to see their name for this bloom up in lights (well on seed packets anyway!!!)

Burpee Europe do not sell direct to the consumer, but their seeds are sold via top UK seed companies. Details of these on request from

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This story was published on: 05/08/2022

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