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Rose Festival 2021 and Prettiest Rose Competition (Now Closed!)

It's June and that means that it is once again time for The Rose Festival and the national competition to find out who has the 'Prettiest Rose' in the UK.

The Sun's Peter Seabrook, supported by Roses UK and Whartons Garden Roses are already making preparations for the fourth 'Rose Festival Week' running from the 19th - 27th June. It's a great way to celebrate all things roses so make sure to visit your local garden centre soon to find out what they doing to take part.

Last year's Prettiest Rose Competition was a huge success and many of the entries we received were completely stunning. We will once again be accepting online entries as well as those submitted by garden centres to give everyone the chance to take part.

How to Enter

This year there will be two ways to enter:

You can submit your rose picture on Sun Gardening between 19th June and 27th June. Click Here to enter.

Through a Garden Centre
Garden centres who are running their own competitions will be able to enter their winners in the competition. These entries will be judged alongside the other online entries.

Entry Criteria

  • Your entry can be any variety of rose.
  • Your rose must be clearly visible and in focus.
  • Your photo must either include you or physically show the hashtag '#rosefestival21' somewhere within it. No digitally added captions (see below.)
  • Your photo must have been taken this season (2021).
  • You must only use pictures of your own roses (proof may be required).
  • You cannot enter more than once.
  • The image must be yours or you must have permission to submit it (proof may be required).

Like this: (Caption physically shown in the picture)

Not like this: (Caption added digitally)


We are offering £100 National Garden Gift Vouchers for each of the six judged prettiest roses

The 2020 competition was a huge success and we had more entries than ever before. We hope to continue this success in 2021.

Click Here to Enter The Prettiest Rose Competition 2021

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This story was published on: 18/06/2021

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