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Top Watering Tips

The grow your own revolution continues to flourish, with more and more people turning to nature to grow what they eat. Every avid gardener, from the horticultural professionals to the green-fingered beginners, will have different things they like to grow, but they all need a little (or a lot) of water to help them stay in tip top shape.

Haws, the purveyors of the finest, hand-crafted watering cans, has put together its very own grow your own guide full of watering know how, to help home growers enjoy the fruit (and vegetables) of their labour.

What to water when

It can be difficult getting a watering routine perfected for home grown food, as different plants need differing amounts of water depending on their life stage. Many fruits and vegetables need extra water when they’re fruiting or in flower, such as legumes and stem vegetables. Leafy greens and root vegetables, such as carrots and lettuce, will often need a regular dose of water throughout their growth period and a general rule of thumb to follow is every 10 to 14 days if the weather has been dry.

It's also important to remember that the top layer of soil around plants may look dry after a couple of days without water, but it’s best to dig down around seven or eight inches to observe the soil below. If there is still moisture deeper down, watering is often unnecessary as there is still water the roots can access. Increased watering will only cause leafy growth and help bigger weeds, rather than helping the vegetables grow, so stick to watering only when they really need it!

The Rowley Ripple model from Haws is the ultimate multi-purpose watering can that helps plants flourish from seedlings into full grown blooms. Its perfect balanced long curved spout allows you to gain access to the plant directly at the soil level, while the oval non-drip brass rose delivers a fine spray to delicate seedlings, small plants and pots. The rose can also be removed, providing pinpoint accuracy for potted plants and those that might damage if their leaves become sodden.

Water seedlings to life

Seedlings have a very shallow root system so they can’t take a lot of water all at once. Instead, they need it little and often to slowly build up the root system before they are planted. Seedlings often need to be watered daily or even multiple times a day during the warmer weather and a dry soil surface is often a sign to top them up with more water. They should never be left to dry out completely either, so always check the soil by dabbing it with the end of a finger to determine whether it needs more water or not.

For a gentle yet accurate delivery of water, Haws’ Langley Sprinkler is a versatile watering can that lightly tops up seedlings and young plants while delivering a even dose to all of the roots. The new recycled Langley Sprinkler is also a great example of how passionate Haws is about our precious environment and it wants to help people find more ethical options when shopping.

Reach the root

To avoid the growth of any nasty diseases, it’s important that more established crops are watered at the root to keep foliage nice and dry. If leaves and foliage are watered and left overnight, leaf mould may occur and now that summer is inching closer and closer, wet leaves can become scorched in the heat – so note to self, aim directly for the soil!

Thankfully, the Haws Cradley Cascader offers the perfect watering companion to help crops and plants bloom. Its long spout effortlessly reaches deep into flowerbeds and raised beds to deliver water right to the root. The long spout design also maximises water pressure, delivering a gentle, even spray that will take good care of delicate and newly sprouted varieties.

For more watering tips, follow Haws on Instagram and to discover its range of indoor and outdoor watering cans, please visit

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This story was published on: 24/06/2022

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