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Are You the UK's Best Wild Bird Photographer?

Are you a keen photographer? If so, wilko invites you to share your best wild bird pictures for the chance to see your snaps in its 2022 Wild Bird Calendar and win one of 12 wilko gift cards worth £100.

All you need is a camera, an eye for detail... and a flying visit from your favourite wild birds to be in with a chance of winning.

Get the family involved to add some excitement to your days during this national lockdown. Simply capture a wild bird on camera whether in your garden or daily exercise.

With wilko's superb range of wild bird food - delivering high-energy, nutritious meals - you could see starlings, sparrows and robins flocking to your feeders.

Daniel Bingham, Senior Pets Buyer for wilko, offers some practical advice: "Birds feed every day and don't store energy well, so one or two bad days in cold weather or without food can be very dangerous for them.

"Put out a good selection of food in feeders or on tables to attract birds to your garden - things like fat balls are nutritious and high in energy - perfect to help them maintain weight and stay fuelled.

"Put some soft food down for the songbirds who can't reach the feeders. Suet blocks and pellets work particularly well as they give the birds a great energy boost and plenty of calories.

"Don't forget to provide fresh water. Ponds, puddles and other water sources may freeze over, making them inaccessible to birds.

"Birds can be timid so you'll need to be patient, build up trust by sharing plenty of treats and you could soon be rewarded with the perfect wild bird shot".

For further information and advice, we'd recommend that you visit

The wilko wild bird competition runs from January 3rd 2021 until March 14th 2021.

All photographs should be taken in a garden or outdoor setting and must have been taken by you. Email your entries to

For full terms and conditions, visit

For more wild bird tips and advice, follow wilko on Instagram at @lovewilko, twitter at @Lovewilko and Facebook at

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This story was published on: 05/02/2021

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