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Flowers from the Farm & Dahlia Mania!

Flowers from the Farm celebrate their long-awaited return to the flower show scene this week at the peak of the British cut flower growers’ spectacular dahlia season. Flower farmers across the South East region will be showcasing the best of dahlias for cutting at the RHS Wisley Flower Show for the first time, whilst members from the Yorkshire and North East region will be exhibiting at the Harrogate Flower Show and growers in East Anglia created a carpet of dahlias at RHS Hyde Hall.

Over the busy show weekend of 11-12 September, Flowers from the Farm have been invited by the Royal Horticultural Society to stage a stunning takeover of the prestigious Dahlia Marquee at the RHS Wisley Flower Show. Twenty independent, artisan flower farmers across the South East will be joining forces to contribute to the total of 1000 dahlias on display in 30 different varieties. This showcase of dahlias as cut flowers is set to include the lighter colour varieties such as Evelyn and My Love, through pinks like Karma Prospero, oranges and bronzes such as Jowey Linda and Cornel Brons to the darker shades such as Karma choc, Rip City and Karma Naomi.

In a departure from the classic RHS show exhibit, Flowers from the Farm are looking to inspire people with ideas for how to display dahlias in a home environment. There will be dahlias in vases of every shape and size from single bud vases to small posies to large urn arrangements. The ahlias will be arranged both on their own and in combination with seasonal flowers and foliages such as asters, panicum grasses, cynoglossum, cosmos, gladioli, verbena bonariensis and calendula.

Dahlias are enjoying a revival in popularity amongst florists and brides as a dramatic but delicate cut flower by florists and brides, and the growing network of over 1000 independent flower farmers in the Flowers from the Farm association means more reliable supply for this showy but fragile bloom.

This year’s Harrogate Autumn Show is to be held at Newby Hall on 17-19 September, and Flowers from the Farm have been invited to decorate two areas of the stately home. In the Anteroom, the theme is ‘The View Beyond’ and the floral design will lead the eye towards the window and the view across the landscape. In the North Vestibule, the title is ‘Look Up’ and the farmer-florists will create a tall design leading up to the magnificent chandelier. Here again the flower farmers’ seasonal favourite flower, the dahlia, will be combined with dahlias, mixed foliages, dried flowers and grasses amongst others.

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This story was published on: 10/09/2021

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