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Growing boom - The rise of the raised bed

British gardeners from Penzance to Shetland are increasingly switching from ground level garden beds and borders to raised beds, greatly improving their outdoor spaces.

The lockdowns of 2020 added fuel to this trend and British manufacturer, WoodBlocX estimates that its timber raised bed kits alone accounted for more than 30,000m2 of growing space in UK gardens last year, and demand is not just coming from keen gardeners.

With an average of 21,000 Google searches per month for raised beds in 2020* and Google Trends data revealing an increase in interest for the products over three years, proves just how desirable raised beds have become.

Henry Blake from WoodBlocX, said: "Raised beds are no longer just a functional addition to make planting and growing more accessible, they've become a design feature that adds interest, value and natural beauty to gardens.

"Our customer base has evolved considerably since we launched in 2012, from almost exclusively avid gardeners and growers to young renovators, interiors enthusiasts and families who are using our online design team and versatile, easy to use product as an alternative to railway sleepers and wooden boards. In the past three years we have seen the average age drop in our customers by 10 years, from 52 to 42.

"The most popular shape we sell continues to be the traditional rectangle, followed by octagonal and corner options, whilst 20% of our customers opt to use our free design service which provides bespoke options that are tailored specifically to their gardens."

WoodBlocX manufactures and retails a unique modular system for building raised beds and other garden structures, the easy to build DIY kits include wooden building blocks pre-drilled with holes, which can be joined together with removable dowels. No heavy lifting or sharp tools are required to assemble the raised beds and planters, like a wardrobe from IKEA everything is cut to size so there is no hard work involved.

Benefits of using raised garden beds

  • Create better soil conditions - ideal for new build homes or those with poor soil
  • Improved drainage
  • Easy access for sowing, growing, weeding and watering
  • Build on patios, concrete, tarmac, grass or soil
  • Pest control - keep rabbits out
  • Use to landscape sloping gardens
  • Extended growing season - raised beds warm up quicker in spring and retain heat for longer in the autumn
  • Incorporate design features such as seating, retaining walls, steps and water features
  • Add value to properties
  • Create a beautiful and attractive area in your garden

Source: WoodBlocX. WoodBlocX structures are guaranteed for 15 years and are available exclusively online

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This story was published on: 22/01/2021

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