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How to Take Dahlia Cuttings

Difficulty: / 5

You will need: Pot, Knife, Compost, Tray

Bulk up your dahlia stock now by taking cuttings. Most tubers produce lots of shoots and won’t miss the odd one or two. Start the tubers into growth a bit earlier than usual in pots or trays with the tuber just below the compost surface. Take cuttings when the new shoots reach about 10cm long. Strip off the lower leaves or they may rot in the compost. Many will root without using a rooting powder and, if you keep them moist and warm on a window sill, they should root in a few weeks - just in time for potting on and planting out.

Best time to do it:


Step One:

Pot up dormant tubers

Step 1 of How to Take Dahlia Cuttings

Step Two:

Remove the young shoots

Step 2 of How to Take Dahlia Cuttings

Step Three:

Insert into cell trays

Step 3 of How to Take Dahlia Cuttings

Step Four:

Cuttings root quickly

Step 4 of How to Take Dahlia Cuttings

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