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How to keep a lawn drained

Difficulty: 1 / 5

You will need: Fork

A lawn is a vital parts of most gardens providing somewhere to play and relax. The more you use your lawn the more likely it is that compaction will give you problems with drainage which will spoil the look of the grass.

Best time to do it:


Step One:

Where water is sitting on the surface of the lawn drive a fork down into the soil to the full depth of the tines over the entire area.

Step 1 of How to keep a lawn drained

Step Two:

Rocking the fork backwards and forwards as you work will open up holes down into the soil to speed up drainage.

Step 2 of How to keep a lawn drained

Step Three:

In severe cases you can rock backwards on the fork to lift the surface and create large air pockets underneath for drainage.

Step 3 of How to keep a lawn drained

Step Four:

Work from the far side of the lawn using a board if necessary to spread the weight and save causing any further damage.

Step 4 of How to keep a lawn drained

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