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Propagate Mistletoe

Difficulty: / 5

You will need: Knife, Mistletoe Berries, Suitable Tree

If you have not thrown your mistletoe away, try growing your own! This partial parasite grows on plants like apple, hawthorn and poplar. Use fresh, plump berries in March.

Best time to do it:


Step One:

Start by cutting a flap in the bark under a branch lifting it up.

Step 1 of Propagate Mistletoe

Step Two:

Insert (squish) the mistletoe berries into the wound.

Step 2 of Propagate Mistletoe

Step Three:

Be gentle and make sure not to break off the flap.

Step 3 of Propagate Mistletoe

Step Four:

Germinating seeds cause a swelling around the wound and small leaves will appear by the autumn. The success rate is variable, so use 4-5 seeds to improve the odds. It takes around 5 years for the female mistletoe to grow large enough to flower and produce berries.

Step 4 of Propagate Mistletoe

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