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Best BBQ: Top 10 barbecues for under £100

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Summer is finally here so its time to bring out the BBQ and have some fun. Except, its rusted through and whatever is still stuck on the grill is really, really on there. Okay, Summer is finally here so its time to buy a new BBQ.

Here are our picks for the Top 10 barbecues for under £100:

Number 10: 14inch Steel BBQ by Kingfisher

Guide Price: 18.99

Description: 14 Inch Travel BBQ | 2 Cooking Height Settings | Item Height- 50cm | 30cm Cooking Area | Ideal for Festivals and Camping

Rating on Amazon: 3.6/5

Number 9: BillyOh Charcoal BBQ Grill

Guide Price: 99

Description: When the sun is shining, a great way to spend the day/evening is having a BBQ with your friends and family. The BillyOh Charcoal BBQ provides great value, and includes a range of features which make it a high performing charcoal barbeque option. With this BBQ you will be able to cook up delicious food for all to enjoy.

Rating on Amazon: 3.7/5

Number 8: Ferraboli - Picnic Barbecue

Guide Price: 45

Description: A very user-friendly barbecue grill in suitcase format. This charcoal grill is produced in Italy according to old traditions and quality requirements. Made of high-quality materials and with luxury finishing. In addition, the grill is adjustable in 3 positions and the BBQ is protected by a wind shield. By removing the four legs, this grill can be folded into a very compact portable case. This makes it easy to take along when travelling.

Rating on Amazon: 4.2/5

Number 7: Campingaz , Portable Two Burner Gas Cooker

Guide Price: 80

Description: CUT YOUR BOILING TIME IN HALF: thanks to the patented Xcelerate burners (2 x 2.2kW, individually adjustable) and windblocking pan supports you speed up your cooking time and reduce gas consumption COMPACT AND VERSATILE: easy to set up camping kitchen with piezo ignition and individually adjustable flames + additional infrared burner ideal for toasting (1.200 Watt) ADVANCED DESIGN: sturdy painted steel lid with plastic handle; easy to close and carry; wide feet for high stability; removable pan support for easy cleaning; opened lid serves as a windshield

Number 6: Marko Outdoor Missouri BBQ

Guide Price: 25

Description: Folds down into a carry case with handle - do not collapse while hot! | Quickly unfolds into a rectangular BBQ grill with wind shield | Wind shield locks into place with 2 retaining arms | Cooking Grill has 3 height positions | 2 Tools included for moving the grill

Rating on Amazon: 5/5

Number 5: Notebook Folding Grill - Portable Picnic BBQ

Guide Price: 25

Description: Now you can have a barbecue pretty much anywhere. The ingenious design means it will fold completely flat, making it very convenient for taking to the beach, on a camping trip or anywhere you want. Just be sure to use it on a flat, sturdy surface. The Notebook Folding Grill may be compact but, with a cooking area of just under 45cm x 30cm, there is plenty of room for mouthwatering burgers and sausages or whatever you fancy cooking up at your next picnic. This clever little BBQ is incredibly easy to use. Simply unfold, add the wire racks and you are ready to go.

Rating on Amazon: 4.3/5

Number 4: Marko Silver Portable Barrel BBQ

Guide Price: 40

Description: 2 Seperate Cooking Areas | Can be used in single or dual configuration | Side Venting Holes for Improved Air Flow | Locking Catch | Wooden Carry Handle

Rating on Amazon: 4.4/5

Number 3: aobosi Smokeless Barbecue Grill

Guide Price: 75

Description: This Barbecue Grill is made of premium stainless steel and the grill rack is made of fast heating cold rolled iron.It is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, not easy to be deformed and rusty. The charcoal grill design, keeps your meat the most original flavour, meet your desire for smoky, grilled flavour and smoking meats.Perfect gift for BBQs, picnics, camping or a night on the patio, indoor, outdoor parties, traveling, park, beach, wild with your friends and families.

Rating on Amazon: 4.2/5

Number 2: FENNEK portable picnic grill

Guide Price: 90

Description: PORTABLE BBQ: With its convenient dimensions, the grill can find space anywhere. Thanks to the design it can be folded into the size of a notebook - perfect to take along HIGH-QUALITY: Made of heat- resistant stainless steel, the grill was produced to be robust and long-lasting. Registered design of the trademark FENNEK EASY TO USE: Spontaneous barbecue? No problem - the grill is very easy and fast to assemble. Due to its design it heats up very quickly and allows you to enjoy your BBQ in no time WEATHERPROOF: The grill lid can be removed to protect the food from wind and rain and ensure optimal heat generation. Meanwhile the heat reflection provides ideal BBQ results SAFETY FIRST: The delivery includes a cover, made of aluminium. You can use it for transportation or for ground protection

Rating on Amazon: 4.8/5

Number 1: Uten Barbecue Grill

Guide Price: 45

Description: If you long for the smoky, grilled flavor or enjoy smoking meats, the only way to achieve both is use this weight light charcoal grill?moreover there is plenty of room for mouthwatering burgers and sausages or whatever you fancy cooking up at your picnic. Just get together with all your friends or family to have this kind of distinct romance for outdoor cooking, BBQ, picnic, camping and enjoy your tasty food Anywhere! Anytime!?SUPER PERFECT FOR 5-10 PEOPLE BBQ PARTY?

Rating on Amazon: 4.3/5

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