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Enjoy Arundel Castle's Allium Extravaganza at Home

Unusually tranquil scenes are taking place across the grounds of Arundel Castle in West Sussex as thousands of alliums burst into bloom for the Allium Extravaganza.

While the Castle remains closed, over 35,000 alliums, with spherical heads in hues of purple, blue and white, are set to flower throughout May and early June. Over 26 named varieties are on display.

Normally bustling with visitors, the scenery is being enjoyed by a different crowd this year – namely the two Castle cats Tilly and Pippin, butterflies, bumblebees and the odd buzzard or peregrine falcon on a morning hunt.

Head Gardener Martin Duncan said: ”We’re capturing all the splendour of the Extravaganza for our visitors to enjoy from the comfort of their armchairs.

“This is all about showcasing the glory of the allium, from the humble Ursinum, (known as wild garlic) growing in our new Woodland Garden and the Stumpery, to impressive flowers like the Christophii, known as the Star of Persia, which looks striking blooming high above our lavender.

“Look out for the tall Summer Drummer with its purple and white heads, the fluffy-looking white Mont Blanc, and some of the gardeners’ favourites Purple Sensation and Purple Rain.

The allium isn’t just an attractive and delicious plant, it has a wide range of uses, says Martin: “Edible alliums such as onions, garlic and shallots not only look attractive in any garden but are also delicious, whilst other alliums are grown for their wonderful pompom flower heads."

Arundel Castle is still sharing the beauty of its flower displays with the public, to enjoy the Allium Extravaganza please visit tulipfestival.co.uk

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This story was published on: 14/05/2020

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