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How to plant larger plug plants

Difficulty: / 5

You will need: Plug plants, pot, compost, watering can

Plug plants delivered later in spring, when the weather is warmer and the plants slightly larger, can be planted directly into their final container, rather than being grown in small pots first.

Best time to do it:


Step One:

Larger plug plants can cope with being planted in their final container, ready to provide colour during the summer.

Step 1 of How to plant larger plug plants

Step Two:

Use fresh, sterile compost (with added water-retaining gel and controlled-release fertiliser if you wish) and arrange the plants so that they all have enough room to grow.

Step 2 of How to plant larger plug plants

Step Three:

Choose a mixture of upright and trailing plants, with a tall plant in the centre to give height to the display.

Step 3 of How to plant larger plug plants

Step Four:

Water well to settle the compost around the plants. Keep them under protection while they establish and until all risk of late frost has passed.

Step 4 of How to plant larger plug plants

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