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Mulberry Bush Charlotte Russe

Suttons showcased their new World exclusive dwarf Mulberry Bush on the 16th February at the Garden Media Press Event, held at The Barbican Exhibition Halls, London.

This unique, truly dwarf variety will fruit from an early age and produces fruit on old and new wood, giving an extended production period.

Many people will be familiar with the children’s nursery rhyme “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”. Dating back to the mid-19th century, it is thought to refer to more of a tree than a bush, growing in Wakefield Prison.

However, as Mulberry fruit is not readily available in shops, many people may not know just how delicious Mulberries are- tasting not unlike a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry, with a hint of blackberry too. They make wonderful jams, sorbet, pies, muffins and even Mulberry Gin!

Add to that their amazing health benefits, being high in vitamin C and iron, you might wonder why we are not all growing Mulberries? Well, perhaps that has been due to the fact that they can grow into large trees standing up to 8m tall over time! Not conducive to typical urban gardens- that is until now!

The unique Suttons Mulberry Bush is a delightful dwarf, that will provide easy pickings of lush, pip-less fruit, typically fruiting from May right through to September. Typical eventual height and spread is 1.5m x 1.5m, over a number of years.

This is a real breakthrough in compact gardening. Ideal for growing in a large tub or container on a patio, or decking to keep it more compact.

Suttons provide self -fertile Mulberry Bushes, so Charlotte Russe, is self-pollinating. This fully hardy shrub fruits on new and old wood, so cropping will start sooner within the first year as oppose to the usual 8 or 9 years it takes most others, and the fruiting season is much longer too. Another highlight is that no pruning is required other than to improve the shape of the plant.

What’s In The Name?

Introduced by James 1st around 1609, the royal connection for Mulberry Bushes is still celebrated as the National Collection of over 30 varieties of Mulberries are planted in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Marlborough House.

Suttons’ Charlotte Russe variety is named to reflect both the sweetness of this dessert fruit and its royal connections. The Charlotte Russe dessert is said to have been invented by the French Chef Marie Antoine Careme, who named it in honour of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III. This variety is certainly fit for a princess!

Plants supplied in 9cm size priced at £17.99 retail, ref 261638 and will be available from the end of Feb onwards.

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