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Top 5 Interesting Ideas for Garden Storage

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So you've finally run out of room in the garden and you need some more storage space. Don't worry, it happens to everyone eventually! Luckily for you, we've tracked down 5 storage options that we think should work in your garden.

Number 5: The round one

If you just need a little bit of storage then a circular storage box could be the way to go. Both attractive and functional, it can double up as a small table. This would be a really good solution for storing your seat cushions or maybe some kids' toys.

Price: £64.78 (Amazon)

Number 4: The cabinet

Not every garden is big enough to accommodate or even justify a full sized shed. So why not try a tool cabinet instead? They take up a lot less space and are perfect for housing a few gardening tools. There are lots to choose from in various different sizes.

Price: £272.99 (Amazon)

Number 3: The multi-purpose one

This tool store also gives you somewhere dry to store fire wood. Perfect if you have a wood burning stove and not a lot of space. The wood construction means that if grey is not to your taste, you can simply paint it another colour.

Price: £315 (Amazon)

Number 2: Somewhere to sit

If you don't like the idea of a big storage box then a storage bench is idea. Not only is it useful as a seat, is also a lot more attractive than a big plastic box.

Price: £220 (Amazon)

Number 1: The tool rack

Increasing your garden storage doesn't necessarily mean having to build something new. Sometimes you can get more use out of the space you already have. This would be perfect for a blank wall inside a garage.

Price: £27.99 (Amazon)

If none of these appeal, don't forget you can always just buy a shed.

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