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Time is Running Out: Flower Power Competition

The Sun has teamed up with Flower Power Premium Plant Food to offer over £1,000 of National Garden Gift Tokens for the four best gardens in Britain this summer, fed with Flower Power fertiliser.

We are looking for a picture of you with your well-grown, well-fed plants, and there are four categories, each winning a £200 voucher (or £300 if you get a pack of Flower Power in shot!) redeemable at some 1,800 garden retailers nationwide.

The categories are:

1. Best Front Garden

2. Best Back Garden

3. Best Container Grown Plants (think balcony, patio or front step)

4. Best Homegrown Vegetables.

Get tending, dead heading and watering – and remember to add some Flower Power every 10 days or so to the irrigation water – and show us and the great family of Sun Gardening readers what you can do. Try cultivating two pots the same size with the same compost and plants, feeding one regularly and leaving one unfed. “Seeing is believing,” they say, and you will surely see the result in a matter of days, certainly weeks. But be careful not to overdo things, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

About Flower Power

Richard Jackson: Working with leading growers and exhibitors over the years, I discovered that a key reason behind their success was their private, specially formulated products.

My Flower Power range of premium quality, high performance products are based on these professional formulas. I launched them fourteen years ago and I'm delighted that they have become some of the most highly rated and trusted garden products in the UK, as well as the secret of success for many award-winning gardeners. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do.

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Competition Closed

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This story was published on: 18/08/2021

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