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Town & Country Launch an innovative solution for goring plants in containers this week at Glee in Birmingham.

For those living in urban areas, it can be difficult to get the daily fix of nature that is so essential for mental and physical wellbeing, because without the luxury of a large outdoor area, it can feel limiting in terms of what can be grown. To make it easier for everyone to feel the benefits of nurturing and growing plants, even those with small balconies or courtyards, Town & Country has launched a Tiered Planter range.

Made in the UK, this collection makes growing plants accessible to everyone, even those with limited outside space. It is also a great addition for those who have already fully embraced urban gardening and have run out of space. What's the solution? Grow up!

Designed in a contemporary and stylish light grey finish, the range will enhance, but not overpower, any planting preference and style. Sold as individual planters, they come in two sizes (40cm/40cm/15cm for the small and 54cm/54cmx20 cm for the large) and can be stacked to create attractive, dynamic schemes. They are ideal for planting up tumbling displays of edibles such as strawberries, nasturtiums and tomatoes, and even entire herb gardens can be created!

The planters are great for mixing and matching plants for dramatic, or complementary effect. For example, varying the size, shape and colour of foliage and flowers will create contrast, and pairing flowers with shades from opposite sides of the colour wheel will look bold and will amplify the intensity of each of them, like oranges paired with purples.

Alternatively, using the same colour in a range of shades will look much more subtle and calm. A beautiful option is to select a range of different white blooms for an ethereal, scented garden. With the separate tiers, it is easy to mix and match mix plants, meaning that you can essentially create an entire garden in a small area, simply by planting up.

The 100% recyclable planters also benefit from integrated drainage holes to ensure plants don't sit in water-logged soil following heavy rain or an over-enthusiastic watering session.

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This story was published on: 01/07/2022

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